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How to upgrade CPF account online.
 *10 important questions and answers related to CPF-NPS*
 1. What could be the reason if NNPS statement does not show some months deduction?
 (Ii) If there is an error in Pran card, how can it be corrected?
 (2) Can I invest in tier-II for more tax benefits?
 (2) What is the significance of mobile number and mail id?
 (V) What to do if nomination details are not given?
 (2) If you get a loan in GPF, can you get it in CPF?
 (2) Can certain amount be withdrawn in time of need?
 (2) How much pension will you get after retirement?
 (2) What to do if the previous balance is to be paid?
સમગ્ર શિક્ષા અંતર્ગત કરાર આધારિત તાલુકા કક્ષાએ કામ કરતાં કર્મચારીઓની સ્વવિનંતીથી જિલ્લા ફેર બદલી બાબત.
અને નવી ભરતી માટે પરિપત્ર વાંચવા માટે...

આનંદો! / કાર ચાલકો માટે ખુશખબર! CNG અને LPG કિટને લઈને મોદી સરકારનો મોટો નિર્ણય,તમારે જાણવો જરૂરી 

The above subject, various posts are being sanctioned at the taluka level under the entire education. Contract based employees are working in this place for a small salary. At present, in many talukas, there are vacancies due to resignation of Recruitment process has to be carried out by re-announcing the vacancies. Prior to this, the office has received representations from many candidates seeking transfer at the request of taluka level employees for the sake of administrative convenience and smooth implementation.

 The said transfers are to be carried out at the block level at the voluntary request of all the contract employees working in all the branches (Block MIS, Special Educator, BRP: AS, BRP - Prasha, Contract based CRC Coordinator, Data Operator). Is. All the contract employees working in the taluka level offices will have to be informed about the said transfers.

 An Excel Sheet has been prepared by this office for the same contract employees who want to transfer the vacancies voluntarily. Separate excel sheets are prepared for block employees. With special care, only the employees who want to be transferred voluntarily in the sheet will have to fill in the information through block MIS at block level only. Then all the information has to be collected and sent to the district project office. The district level will then have to verify all the information through the Assistant District Coordinator: QEM (TT), postwise the information of each taluka in the prescribed format and send the information to the following emails at the State Project Office, Gandhinagar.

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