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The District Education and Training Bhavan has a number of Sarghari, quasi-government offices, voluntary organizations, agencies, individuals affiliated with Muj. He has to work with them from time to time.




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Occasionally labor has to be done with some offices and institutions. When the mother branches of Talim Bhavan have to work with them and have to clean them, they often need the address of the concerned organization, name of the officer, phone number, mobile number and email address. A useful data source called 'Sampark Setu' has been created to speed up the process. 

The task was slow and demanding, but the Cat-Money Planning and Management Branch undertook the task under the flagship program. As a result, we all have access to useful links. A strong link between a relative's office or an organization is a 'contact bridge'. Abhinbhai Suyar, a compiler lecturer and Shri Vanrajsinh Jadeja Minandan, an assistant lecturer are the officers who have done this work carefully.

It is worth mentioning here that in the year 1999-2000, Principal S. B. This was the first such attempt under the guidance of Malisaheb. It is a pleasure to have this work resumed after 22 years. It is hoped that this sophisticated and economical approach will continue to be a midwife. We owe all government offices, institutions and officials for this work. Honorable Director Dr. who sent the greeting message. We are grateful to Prafulbhai.

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