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75. Science Fair All in one Post

04 January
SCIENCE FAIR 2021-22 Paripatra
વિજ્ઞાન મેળો 2021 22 પરિપત્ર

SCIENCE FAIR 2007 પ્રયોગો

SCIENCE FAIR 2013-14 પ્રયોગો

SCIENCE FAIR 2015 16 પ્રયોગો

SCIENCE FAIR 2018 19 પ્રયોગો


A science project is an instructive movement for understudies including tests or development of models in one of the science disciplines. Understudies might introduce their science project at a science reasonable, so they may likewise consider it a science reasonable undertaking. Science undertakings might be ordered into fou primary sorts. Science projects are finished by understudies around the world. 

Test projects, otherwise called investigatory activities, start with an inquiry (AKA a theory), utilize the logical methodto complete the exploration, and end with a report specifying the outcomes and ends and a theoretical.

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