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63. School offline Software, ptrako

We've come up with some really cool database software for school students. This is a software for keeping all the data of the children stored and easily available to us within seconds and we can prepare its print out or data sheet.

You will need to download the following three or four files for this software. Inside which is the first PDF file. This PDF file has to be viewed properly and only then this software has to be used. So that no other problem arises.

*School Students Management Softwer*

why use recruitment software

1 ) Information PDF file Download (1.5 MB)

2) Softwer File Dwonload (1.6 MB) [Compulsory Download ]

3) Data entry Extra excel File Download (40 KB)

4) User name & Password File Download ( 1 KB)

Download Link Under The Step 

school student management software free download
1. There needs to be a lot of space when you place this software as there will be an automatic folder of another document.
2. You can download the PDF for full details of the entire software from the link given above. You will then be able to download the software you want to download through the link given below. Note that this software requires MS Excel and also micro enable within it. Also the screen of your monitor needs to be 1024 * 768.
3.This is a v. B.A. is database software. Within which a database has been prepared and this special software has been prepared for school student management through coding. Inside which is the facility to set the data of the student automatically.
4.Schooberry ERP, the best-in-class School Management Software, specifically designed and developed to simplify the process of educational institutions to meet all their emerging technological and administrative requirements. Here are the core and essential modules that shape Schooberry’s outmost efficiency.
5. The first thing you need to do is enter the username and password inside the software. Then you have to click on login. If you click on the close button it will not work, use the exit button instead. Now if you want to view information as a guest without a password ID, you can enter the software by clicking on Guest. If you want any help you can click on the help you button and you can click on school name change to change the name of your school.


6.There may be many updates for this software in the future. Yes you can also contact me to get the update. You can also visit my group or visit our website. If you want to create such a medical store company or any other software application, you can contact me.
Insert Picture into a Cell in Excel
7.When you login, first you have to check the name of the school, the dice code, then you have to check the button that does not report the GR number of the student. Then you have to fill in the details of the child in which the underlined details have to be filled in compulsorily then click on the 'Save' button. And a message will also come. 
8. Now when you make an entry in it, the entry will come in a list box below, so you can easily enter the student's data in this software. If you have entered and want to edit or delete it, you can do it with a button. When you have to upload the same student's document and you like Aadhaar card bank passbook ration card disability certificate then you can.
*Next Update School Management Softwaro Modulos*

=>Campus Management

=>School Information Management

=>Faculty Management

=>Student Management

=>Examination Management

=>Leave and Attendance Management

=>Student Fee Managemont & Payroll System

=>Human Resourco Management

=>Library Management

=>Inventory Management

=>School Timotable. Management

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