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Mobile to computer type with wifi

26 October

Mouse Server 

Change your gadget into a remote mouse, joystick, console, far off work area, and trackpad for mixed media PC control 

Keep going refreshed on 08/20/20 

There has been 1 update inside the beyond a half year 

The current variant has 2 banners on VirusTotal badge_icon 

Likewise accessible on Mac. 

Engineer's Description 

This is Mouse Server for being constrained by Android/ISO WiFi Mouse. WiFi Mouse empowers you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC easily through a neighborhood network association. Why WiFi Mouse? 

- Simulates mouse-click, touchpad signal control, cursor development, simplified, text determination and so on 

- Full QWERTY console with key-blend support for example ALT+Fn and CTRL+C and so forth 

- Supports Voice-To-Text transformation and quick showcase of deciphered text on your PC just as multi-finger trackpad signals. 

- Remote work area logon with full control. 

- Quick control for outsider applications. 

- Game-mode include with joystick reproduction, empowers basic control for example flying, hopping and shooting activity in PC based games. 

- Power off your PC from your room. 

Provisions: * Mouse cursor development * left and right snap support * Middle mouse button scroll * Remote console input * PC/Mac hot keys and blend key * Speech-to-message input for all dialects * Mouse and console full screen * Auto-associate on application startup * Media controler * Exporer controler * PPT show regulator. 

Motions: * Tap-to-click * Two finger tap for right snap * Two finger scroll * Pinch to zoom * Three finger drag or feature * Four finger swipe down to show work area * Four finger swipe up to expand current window * Four finger swipe sideways to change current window center * Left gave mouse support (trade left and right mouse click). 

1. Download WiFi Mouse App for Andriod/iPhone/iPad. 

⬇️ Download 1 ⬇️

2. Introduce Mouse Server on your PC. 

⬇️ Download 2 ⬇️

3. Associate with a similar organization. Ensure your cell phone and PC are associated with a similar organization, e.g same WiFi AP.

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