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Mobile file manager open in pc with wifi

27 October

What is the File Manager? 

The File Manager is utilized to move documents and envelopes between your PC (neighborhood) and FTP Server (remote), between two nearby organizers, or between two FTP Servers. Document Manager shows the neighborhood and far off envelope substance in voyager style interface and supports all standard record activities (duplicate, erase, rename and the sky is the limit from there). 

Auto FTP Manager furnishes you with the incredible capacity of opening more than one File Manager all the while. 

Utilizing the File Manager 

Exploring between Folders 

You can explore among organizers that are situated on your PC/network drive or on a FTP server without any problem. A dropdown list incorporates every neighborhood drive or envelopes which makes it more useful to explore. If there should be an occurrence of a FTP server, it shows you a rundown of the envelopes you had recently opened by composing the way straightforwardly. You can open the organizers you need to move to/from utilizing the dropdown list. The Back and Next buttons on the toolbar for the organizer can be utilized to explore to and fro like we explore on windows traveler.

Subsequent to introducing the Your Phone application, ensure your PC and Android gadget are close by, turned on, and associated with Wi-Fi. Open the Your Phone application on your telephone. Select Link your telephone and PC. Sign in to the Your Phone Companion application utilizing a similar Microsoft account you're utilizing on your PC whenever incited.

FTP WIFI app Download

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