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Live autocapture and autotranslate feature in YouTube

19 October

If you have watched different types of videos on YouTube, you may have noticed that in addition to the video, there is also a caption feature for the words spoken in the video to be read on the screen.  YouTube itself can add such automatic captions.  It automatically converts the audio in the video into captions.  Because this work is done by a machine and the quality of the audio in it,

 Due to the role of background noise and music etc., auto captions are on average more often erroneous (as a solution to this, video free creators can add captions on their own).

 Until now, YouTube used to feature automatic live screen captions for videos uploaded to channels with more than 1,000 subscribers, now all video creators will have access to this feature.  In addition, live auto captions will now be available in 12 other languages ​​besides English.  An auto-translate feature is also being added to the YouTube app in smartphones.  This means that even if the audio in the original video is in English, we will soon be able to see the subtitles of that video in Hindi or Gujarati!

Now the schools are almost open, but the classes are still running both offline and online.  Even after the class is completely offline, mobiles will not be released from the hands of students at all!  When it comes to study, for office work, smartphones are as useful as they are obstructive.  No matter how hard we try to concentrate on our studies or work, frequently dripping notifications on the phone easily drag us to YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., from where it is difficult to turn back.

 Of course, not all notifications are unnecessary.  Fortunately, since the eighth incarnation of Android, we've got a lot of control over different types of app notifications.  To take advantage of it go to the page in settings.  Go to the page of that app and check how many types of notifications the app can send you.  Some send very few notifications from apps that only make sense with their work, while when you look at YouTube or Facebook you will realize that these apps are ready to lure us in some way!  You can turn off all of these notifications altogether if you wish, or turn off notifications of things you find unnecessary.  Wasting on a smartphone will save a lot of time!

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