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41. તમારા કામનું / EWS સર્ટિફિકેટ મેળવો આ રીતે ઑનલાઈન, સરકારી નોકરીઓમાં 10 ટકા અનામતની છે જોગવાઈ

Across the country, including Gujarat, 10 per cent reservation has been provided for those who are economically backward in castes other than SC, ST, SEBR / OBC.  Then read this report to know how to get EWS certificate for reserve benefit online ... Economically backward people except SC, ST, SEBR / OBC will get 10 percent reserve benefit.

 The Modi government struck a masterstroke before the 2019 assembly electionsa annual income of less than Rs 8 lakh are entitled to 10 per cent reserve

 Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Modi government at the Center has struck a masterstroke and 10 per cent reservation has been announced for the economically backward classes.  The amended bill was introduced in Parliament and President Ramnath Kovinde approved the EBC Bill on 12 January 2019.  Gujarat became the first state to implement this bill and it came into force on January 14, 2019.  Under the bill, a person whose total family income is less than Rs 8 lakh from all sources of family income can avail the benefit of 10 per cent reserve.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો ઓનલાઇન રીત

Why EWS Certificate is required?

 - For admission in an educational institution

 - To get reservation exemption in government jobs

 (1) The age limit of 5 years may be waived in government jobs.

 Who can get EWS certificate?

 - If the income is less than eight lakhs

 - If the agricultural land is less than 5 hectares

 - If the house is less than 1000 square feet

 - If the corporation has a residential plot with less than 109 yards of land

 - If the plot outside the corporation is less than 209 yards of land

 Link to fill up the online form (Read all the details after opening the window and click on the Apply button below)

 Click here

 These 7 documents will be required for 10 percent gold reserve

 - Passbook

 - Checkbook

 - aadhar card

 - Incometax return

 - Certificate of race

 - BPL card

 - PAN card

 Joined Jandhan Yojana

 If backward classes want 10 per cent reservation in jobs and education on economic basis then they should have a bank account under Jandhan Yojana. Under Jandhan Yojana, their account holders who are financially weak get benefits.

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