Vidhyasahayak Bharti Update


11 December

Take a look at the teacher's art.

 2 pdf will be seen. (1) Pictures (2) News cutting

Opening the pdf below may take time according to the net.

(1) Printing

It is also commendable that this teacher spends his earnings from painting on the efforts. 

 he has to make to ensure that children receive a value-based education within their own education.

(2) News cuttings

We all know that Chanakya is a simple sentence. A teacher is never ordinary. Inside a village in Jamnagar district, a teacher's art is presented to you that you will see and swell that even a teacher can do this work.

The teacher's name is Samat Bella. This teacher brother has done his duty as a teacher in his life but at the same time he has also made a wonderful painting in which he himself stays in the forest for hours to make a painting and the figure of a lion is also very natural for him as well as for many paintings. The story of beauty remains.

Thank you....

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